Not Just A Grid - A flexible and modular CSS Framework for the rapid prototyping and development of standards compliant websites.
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The demos below are designed to give you an idea of what is possible with Not Just a Grid. There are individual demos to show each of the core elements, plus examples of real-world websites 'recreated' using Not Just a Grid as their framework.

The Demos
Sample sites recreated using Not Just a Grid
The Geordian, a sample layout based on
The Geordian - a sample layout using not just a grid.
Sofalands, a sample layout based on
Sofalands - a sample layout using not just a grid.

Please note: the examples of real-world sites recreated with Not Just a Grid and in no way intended to infringe on the copyright of the sites on which they are based, they are provided purely as examples of real sites recreated using the Not Just a Grid framework. All photographs used in the above examples are copyright © 2024 Al Redpath.


Not Just a Grid is developed by Al Redpath / Outrageous Creations!


Not just a Grid is licenced under the MIT licence.

Thanks & Inspiration

The work of the following people and projects has been the inspiration behind Not Just a Grid, a great deal of thanks go out to all of them.

Eric Meyer for his CSS reset, Nathan Smith for, Olav Bjørkøy for Blueprint CSS, Harry Roberts for Typogridphy, Stéphane Curzi for Baseline, Jeff Croft for interesting discussions, Veerle Pieters for CSS Inspiration, Mark James for the Silk iconset, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks, plus anyone else who I may have forgotten.


Visit the downloads page to get Not Just a Grid plus supporting files.


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