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The forms module provides some basic visual and layout styling for forms. There are two form layouts - one vertical and one horizontal, styling for a variety of buttons and styling for input fields to provide visual clues to users.

A note on button usage and browser compatibility: The styled buttons and links with images work well in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. When it comes to Internet Explorer the results very depending on the version used :

Vertical Layout
Personal Information
  • Please enter your full name.
  • Email address is required.
  • Please choose a username - Minimum 8 characters.
  • Please choose a password - Minimum 8 characters.
Horizontal Layout
Personal Information
  • Please enter your name
  • Email is required
  • Minimum 8 Chars.
  • Minimum 8 Chars.
Additional Information
  • Phone is optional.
  • Fax is required.
  • Cell is required and there was an error
  • Pager is required and was provided.
  • Check to receive periodic emails from us.
Alternative Field Sizes
  • A larger field.
  • Normal size field.
  • A smaller field.



Not Just a Grid is developed by Al Redpath / Outrageous Creations!


Not just a Grid is licenced under the MIT licence.

Thanks & Inspiration

The work of the following people and projects has been the inspiration behind Not Just a Grid, a great deal of thanks go out to all of them.

Eric Meyer for his CSS reset, Nathan Smith for 960.gs, Olav Bjørkøy for Blueprint CSS, Harry Roberts for Typogridphy, Stéphane Curzi for Baseline, Jeff Croft for interesting discussions, Veerle Pieters for CSS Inspiration, Mark James for the Silk iconset, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks, plus anyone else who I may have forgotten.


Visit the downloads page to get Not Just a Grid plus supporting files.


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