Not Just A Grid - A flexible and modular CSS Framework for the rapid prototyping and development of standards compliant websites.
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User Experience

The UX stylesheet contains a number of classes designed to enhance the user's experience on a site and provide useful clues and information. It's a bit of a mixed bag of tricks and additional classes will be being added over time as I refine them.

Alert Boxes

Clean and simple alert boxes to give the user clear visual feedback about their actions.

This is a success box.
This should be used to show an action was completed successfully
This is a warning box.
This should be used to indicate a problem, albeit not a fatal one.
This is an error box
This should be used to indicate that the action failed.

This is a question box.
This should be used to present users with a question.

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Simple pagination styles provide clear visual indication about the current, previous and next pages etc.

First Prev 1 2 3 4 Next Last
Link Hints

Simple visual highlighting to indicate what users should expect when clicking on a link.

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Not Just a Grid is developed by Al Redpath / Outrageous Creations!


Not just a Grid is licenced under the MIT licence.

Thanks & Inspiration

The work of the following people and projects has been the inspiration behind Not Just a Grid, a great deal of thanks go out to all of them.

Eric Meyer for his CSS reset, Nathan Smith for, Olav Bjørkøy for Blueprint CSS, Harry Roberts for Typogridphy, Stéphane Curzi for Baseline, Jeff Croft for interesting discussions, Veerle Pieters for CSS Inspiration, Mark James for the Silk iconset, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks, plus anyone else who I may have forgotten.


Visit the downloads page to get Not Just a Grid plus supporting files.


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